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Robert Dye Architects was formed in 1990 and soon afterwards was selected by the Architecture Foundation as one of BritainĀ“s best young architecture practices. Two decades on, RDA has secured its reputation as outstanding residential architects; having won several design awards including the RIBA Manser Medal (for the best new one-off house), the CEDIA award (in the press known as the Oscars of the home technology awards) and winner of Best Residential Design in the 2014 Daily Telegraph H&R awards.

We use strategies that are simple and straightforward to capture the best potential of a site, while drawing on a language of craftsmanship and material understanding. Together, we create an architecture that brings artisanal expertise into contemporary relevance. - RDA

Through the academic experience of our Urban Design unit at the Bartlett, the design of an individual house is responsive to the scale of the wider city and landscape. - RDA

Robert Dye Architects is a Chartered Practice with the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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  • Robert Dye

    Robert founded the practice in 1990 after eight years working for the legendary Sir James Stirling. Adrenaline and fantasy get him through the week and he hopes that his buildings will make good ruins one day. He once gave directions to David Bowie for one of his first pub gigs. Thirty years on, he's still spotting talent and showing them the way.
  • Jason Coleman xyhm

    Jason Coleman

    Senior Architect
    Before joining Robert Dye Architects Jason worked in Berlin but he has put an end to his globe-trotting ways and two decades later he is still with us. Despite the accent, he isnt really Canadian.
  • Maria Kunath

    After commencing her architectural career in Dresden, Maria decided to bring her talents to London. Upon arrival in the UK, Maria has eaten a banana everyday, since growing up in East Germany she never had any.
  • Morna Currie

    A true North-Londoner, Morna can often be found whizzing around the city on her bike. Her dodgy knees do not stop her getting around site and making sure the builders are building to her dimensions.
  • Oluchukwu Judith Okonkwo

    Architectural Assistant (Part I)
    Whilst not planning to re-invent her hometown in Nigeria, Judith is maintaining our social media and painting our portraits. Judith brings the energy and conversation that pushes the office through the day.
  • Conor Clarke

    Architectural Assistant (Part I)
    Conor has an outfit for the end of the world already planned and he adds a Northern charm and a dash of glamour to the office.