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Red House, Wiltshire

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A new element occupying a gap between an existing red-brick main house and detached music room.

 The client brief for a room in which to grow plants was transformed by challenging the awkward position of the existing front door. This led to the idea of an internalised court to satisfy the initial brief and provide a new Entrance better addressing arrival at the main house. A new south-facing insertion was placed against an existing link corridor, reconfiguring the main Ground Floor circulation.

It is conceived as a free-standing box divided into external porch and internal skylit space, surrounded by lower buffer-zones of coat storage, plant-shelving, and circulation. 

A single sheet of glass carried on a steel frame opens the court to the sky; douglas-fir cladding, and local Chicksgrove stone flooring create a continuity between exterior and interior.

Featured in:
Architect’s Journal, January 2003